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Method for removing fluid from a blood filter at the end of a blood treatment session and treatment apparatus for executing the method
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1. A method for displacing dialysate fluid from a dialysate chamber of a blood filter used for a blood treatment of a patient, the method comprising the steps of:
after the blood treatment of the patient and prior to emptying a blood chamber of the blood filter such that the blood chamber contains full of blood, closing or sealing the blood chamber against atmosphere wherein the blood filter includes a membrane arranged between the blood chamber and the dialysate chamber, wherein the blood chamber is connected with an arterial blood line leading to the blood chamber and with a venous blood line leading away from the blood chamber, and wherein the dialysate chamber is connected with a dialysate inlet line leading to the dialysate chamber and with a dialysate outlet line leading away from the dialysate chamber; and
while the blood chamber remains closed or sealed against the atmosphere and prevented from emptying, displacing the dialysate fluid from the dialysate chamber by actively or passively introducing air or a liquid into the dialysate inlet line such that the air or liquid enters the dialysate chamber, wherein no fluid from the dialysate chamber transfers across the membrane during the displacing.