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Nanoplatforms for arginase, indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase and tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase detection by posttranslational modification
Stefan H. Bossmann, Manhattan, KS (US); Deryl L. Troyer, Manhattan, KS (US); Aruni P. Malalasekera, Manhattan, KS (US); Hongwang Wang, Manhattan, KS (US); Sebastian O. Wendel, Manhattan, KS (US); and Gaohong Zhu, Yunnan (CN)
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1. A nanoplatform assembly for detecting the presence of an active enzyme in a sample, wherein said enzyme is arginase, said nanoplatform comprising:
a central carrier particle;
a first particle;
a second particle; and
an oligopeptide linkage connecting said central carrier particle and said second particle,
wherein said first particle is directly attached to said central carrier particle, and wherein said oligopeptide linkage comprises a substrate sequence for said enzyme, wherein said substrate sequence comprises a sequence according to (I) or (II):
(X)n(R)m(X)l (SEQ ID NO:1),  (I)
each R: arginine;
each X: any amino acid;
m: 3-10;
n: 1-6; and
l: 1-6; or
(X)n(RJ)m(X)l (SEQ ID NO:2),  (II)
each R: arginine;
each X: any amino acid;
each J: E, A, L, M, K, R, Q, or H;
m: 2-20;
n: 1-6; and
l: 1-6.