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Targeted therapeutics
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1. A binding moiety-drug conjugate (SDC-TRAP) comprising a binding moiety and an effector moiety,
wherein the binding moiety is ganetespib,
wherein the effector moiety is gemcitabine or and
wherein the SDC-TRAP is selected from the group consisting of SDC-TRAP-309, SDC-TRAP-310, SDC-TRAP-311, SDC-TRAP-312, SDC-TRAP-313, SDC-TRAP-314, SDC-TRAP-315, SDC-TRAP-316, SDC-TRAP-317, SDC-TRAP-318, SDC-TRAP-319, SDC-TRAP-320, SDC-TRAP-321, SDC-TRAP-322, SDC-TRAP-323, SDC-TRAP-324, SDC-TRAP-325, SDC-TRAP-326, SDC-TRAP-327, SDC-TRAP-328, SDC-TRAP-329, SDC-TRAP-330, SDC-TRAP-331, SDC-TRAP-332, SDC-TRAP-333, and SDC-TRAP-334.