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Refined product obtained from rice hull and preparation process and use thereof
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1. A process for producing a refined product from a rice hull, comprising:
subjecting a rice hull to extraction with an aqueous solution so as to obtain an aqueous extract;
admixing the aqueous extract with a first alcohol so as to obtain a first precipitate;
subjecting the first precipitate to an enzymatic hydrolysis treatment so as to obtain an aqueous enzymatic hydrolysate, the enzymatic hydrolysis treatment employing an aqueous composition containing α-amylase, protease, and amyloglucosidase;
admixing the aqueous enzymatic hydrolysate with a second alcohol so as to obtain a second precipitate; and
refining the second precipitate by anion exchange chromatography, such that the refined product thus obtained consists essentially of a type II arabinogalactan having a number average molecular weight in the range of 56 to 103 kDa.