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Animal health improvement composition and method
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1. A health improvement composition for improving the health of an animal in need of such improvement by assisting in the animal's metabolization of protein and facilitating conversion of ammonia to urea, the composition consisting of:
alcohol-free mastic gum powder milled to have a particulate size of between 18 micrometers and 42 micrometers; wherein mastic gum used to produce the alcohol-free mastic gum powder is produced using water only and no other solvents; and
two added ionic minerals consisting of 2% calcium by weight and 28% magnesium by weight;
wherein ingestion of the composition by the animal improves the animal's feed conversion ratio by assisting the animal in metabolizing protein and converting harmful ammonia to less-harmful urea;
wherein the animal is a bovine, a poultry bird, or a ruminant.