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Method for improving the pharmaceutic properties of microparticles comprising diketopiperazine and an active agent
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1. A method for delivering an active agent to a patient in need thereof using a reusable inhaler, comprising administering by inhalation to the patient an effective amount of a dry powder medicant; wherein said dry powder medicament exhibits an improved pharmaceutic property, and whose formulation comprises the following steps: a) a step for forming microparticles comprising a diketopiperazine with acidic or basic side chains, resulting in a suspension of microparticles of the diketopiperazine with acidic or basic side chains in a solvent, and a step for loading said microparticles with an active agent, then b) removing solvent by spray drying to obtain a dry powder, wherein the dry powder has an improved pharmaceutic property as compared to a dry powder obtained by removing solvent by lyophilization, and wherein the improved pharmaceutic property is increased density of the powder, increased aerodynamic performance of the powder, or improved stability of the active agent, if present.