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Concentrated and self-preserving compositions of mild surfactants for transparent and skin-pH personal care formulations
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1. A mild surfactant composition comprising;
(i) aqueous blend of O-acyl isethionates of Formula I and monopotassium N-acyl glutamate of Formula II;

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wherein, R is selected from C5 to C21 alkyl group, saturated or unsaturated, R1 is selected from H or methyl, X is selected from Na+ or K+ and prepared by the process, comprising steps of
A) reacting more than one equivalence of fatty acid chloride with alkali metal hydroxyalkyl sulphonates to prepare compounds of Formula I,
B) reacting the reaction mass of step (A) (containing the remainder fatty acid chloride) with glutamic acid in the presence of a potassium hydroxide under typical aqueous Schotten Baumann reaction conditions to form compounds of Formula II; wherein, the molar ratio of O-acyl isethionates of Formula I to N-acyl glutamate of Formula II is in range of 1.0:1.0 to 1.0:10.0, and
(ii) 0.5 to 2% by weight mixture of N-undecylenoyl glycine and N-capryloyl glycine;
wherein, the total solids content of the composition is at least 45% w/w and the pH of the said aqueous composition is below 6.5.