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Portable pill dispenser device using pill cartridge with enclosed pill strip
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1. A pill cartridge, comprising:
a pill strip including a first film, a second film and pills enclosed between the first film and the second film, the pill strip comprising indicia provided at a predetermined interval along a length of the pill strip;
a first winding cylinder configured to separate the first film from the second film and wind the first film as the first winding cylinder is rotated;
a second winding cylinder configured to separate the second film from the first film and wind the second film separated from the first film; and
a body configured to enclose the pill strip, the first winding cylinder and the second winding cylinder, the body formed with an opening through which a pill released from the pill strip exits the pill cartridge, the body further formed with one or more holes configured to receive one or more sensing pins for contacting the indicia, wherein the one or more sensing pins are pressed against the second winding cylinder to contact the indicia.