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Foldable arm for walker
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1. An adjustable height foldable arm, comprising:
a lower vertical tube;
a lower vertical slot tracking up the lower vertical tube;
an inner guide slideably inserted into the lower vertical tube fitting into the lower vertical slot, the inner guide comprising an elongated flat bar;
an inner guide slot in the middle of the inner guide;
an inner guide hole below the inner guide slot;
a lower vertical tube hole through the lower vertical tube;
a first rod inserted through the lower vertical tube hole and the inner guide hole to secure the inner guide in the lower vertical slot;
an upper vertical tube with an upper vertical slot in which the inner guide is slideably inserted, the upper vertical tube comprising one or more vertical locking holes, a horizontal locking hole, and an upper vertical tube lower hole;
a second rod inserted through the inner guide slot and the upper vertical tube lower hole to slideably secure the upper vertical tube the inner guide;
an outer tube providing vertical height adjustment and rotational movement;
an outer vertical slot on both sides of the outer tube allowing vertical movement with respect to the second rod; and
one or more outer horizontal slots on the outer tube allowing for positioned rotational movement of the outer tube when the upper vertical tube is at its lowest vertical displacement.