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Conveyor mechanism with illuminated chamber for concealing coffin
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1. A conveyor mechanism with an illuminated chamber for concealment of a coffin, comprising:
a base or platform for movement on which a plurality of rollers are arranged, and through which it is possible to manually move a coffin from an open or full-vision area towards a transition zone that conceals said coffin,
characterized in that the base or travel platform is lined with smooth walls,
wherein the transition zone is defined by a concealment chamber covering a rear half of the base or travel platform,
wherein said concealment chamber comprises a front wall, a rear wall, a right side wall, a left side wall, and a top wall, such that, on a central part of the front and rear walls, a recess is defined,
wherein, in the case of the front wall, the recess allows a portion of the platform to be within the concealment chamber,
wherein, in the case of the back wall, the recess allows the coffin to be removed when it has concluded its journey through the transition zone that conceals the coffin,
wherein, in order to restrict vision of the interior of the concealing chamber, a curtain is arranged on the free space of the recess of the front wall,
wherein a door covers the recess of the rear wall, and
wherein, inside the concealment chamber, at least two reflector lamps are arranged so as to generate the visual effect of an illuminated tunnel inside the concealment chamber.