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Inflatable stretcher
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1. An inflatable stretcher inflated via an air hose for carrying a patient thereon and conveniently transferring the patient to another patient carrying or transporting device, the inflatable stretcher comprising:
an inflatable mattress having an upper sheet member and a lower sheet member, which are fixedly connected to each other along their peripheral edges to form an inflatable air bag;
the air mattress being provided with at least one air inlet, via which the air hose is communicably connected to the air bag; and
the lower sheet member arranged lengthwise; wherein
the air mattress includes at least one limiting member located in the vicinity of the air inlet; the limiting member being able to define a binding space, which is changeable in size to correspond to a size of the air hose, such that the limiting member can always fitly set or wrapped around an outer surface of the air hose,
the limiting member is configured as a belt, which is outward extended from the air mattress in a direction in which the air inlet is oriented; the belt in an initial position being wound around the air hose to form a tie ring structure; a distal end of the belt being movable farther away from the air mattress when a relative movement occurred between the air mattress and the air hose causing an increased tension of the belt, bringing the tie ring structure to extend in length corresponding to a distance of the relative movement and an overall length of the belt to thereby form a helical structure.