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Absorbent pant with advantageously channeled absorbent core structure and bulge-reducing features
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1. A disposable absorbent pant, having a longitudinal axis, a lateral axis, a front region, a rear region and a crotch region between the front and rear regions, comprising:
an absorbent structure comprising an absorbent layer having at least two longitudinally-oriented elongate channels formed therein, the at least two channels having respective pairs of frontward and rearward distal ends; and
an elasticized belt structure in at least the front region, the belt structure having an inner layer, an outer layer and an elastic member disposed between the inner layer and the outer layer, a waist edge, and a lower elasticized edge formed by the inner and outer layers and a lowermost extent of the elastic member, the lower edge being disposed between the waist edge and the lateral axis;
wherein at least the frontward distal ends of the at least two channels are disposed above the lower elasticized edge of the elasticized belt structure;wherein the at least two channels are respectively disposed on either side of the longitudinal axis and the absorbent layer is free of any additional longitudinally-oriented elongate channels disposed along the longitudinal axis between the at least two channels.