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1. A personal hygiene product which is a sanitary napkin, a panty liner, an incontinence pad, a medical pad or other personal hygiene item, comprising
an absorber interposed between a liquid-permeable surface sheet and a back sheet and an emboss provided in each of both side portions of the absorber along a substantially longitudinal direction of the absorbent article,
wherein the personal hygiene product is configured to be worn with the absorber situated between the legs of a wearer so that side portions of the absorber are subjected to pressure by the legs of the wearer,
wherein the emboss is coplanar with a surface of the absorber and consists of a plurality of straight portions that are arranged a distance apart across a front end to a back end in the longitudinal direction of the absorber on a straight line along the longitudinal direction of the personal hygiene product and arc-shaped portions which are present between the straight portions and protrude outwardly in a direction of a width of the personal hygiene product with ends of the straight portions being base points, and the emboss is formed with a pattern in which the plurality of straight portions and arc-shaped portions are alternately arranged.