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Absorbent article with flat-back protection feature
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1. An absorbent article for capturing body exudate while a wearer of said article is in a supine, prone, or fetal position, and including longitudinal, central longitudinal, transverse, and depth axis, such absorbent article comprising:
a base structure for retaining body exudate, said base structure including a front region, a middle region, and a back region, said base structure comprising a liquid permeable topsheet layer, a liquid impermeable backsheet layer, and an absorbent layer sandwiched and sealed between said topsheet layer and said backsheet layer,
a flat-back protection feature positioned along the central longitudinal axis, that is capable of separating in part from the topsheet layer of the base structure in the back region, said flat-back protection feature including two longitudinally directed side edges and further including a first fastening region in which said flat-back protection feature is attached to the topsheet layer in the middle region, a second fastening region in which said flat-back protection feature is attached to the topsheet layer in the back region, and an elevated portion having an unattached length, said unattached length extending continuously between said first fastening region to said second fastening region, and said unattached length being capable of separating from said base structure along the absorbent article depth direction such that a spatial gap is formed between said flat-back protection feature and the base structure along the unattached length, said flat-back protection feature being relatively planar in that it does not include any transverse axis bend that extends uniformly along the elevated portion on the longitudinal axis between the first and second fastening regions, wherein the flat-back protection feature includes at least two different transverse axis widths along the longitudinal axis wherein a wider width of said differing widths is located at the back region, and said flat-back protection feature being formed from sheet material which is capable of carrying body exudate to the middle region and does not include any absorbent materials, and which flat-back protection feature includes a portion along its length which can both lie flat against the intergluteal cleft region of a wearer and which is also capable of separation from said base structure;
embossment features which extend on the base structure along a longitudinal axis, and which are symmetrically placed laterally beyond the longitudinal side edges of the flat-back protection feature, and on each side of the central longitudinal axis, said embossment features each including a spatial gap along the longitudinal direction with said spatial gap being positioned adjacent the elevated portion,
and further, wherein any of embossment features cross the central longitudinal axis in locations on said absorbent article in which said flat-back protection feature is not present.