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Robust laser cutting methods for ophthalmic surgery
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1. A method for performing ophthalmic laser surgery using a device configured to transmit a pulsed laser beam, comprising:
establishing an initial cutting pattern comprising a plurality of original photodisruption points;
establishing an enhanced cutting pattern comprising a plurality of enhanced photodisruption points selected to decrease potential adverse effects due to patient movement and having increased density over a fixed area as compared with the plurality of original photodisruption points; and
directing the pulsed laser beam to make a generally circular cut with a sine wave shape in a side view around a periphery of a capsule of an eye of a patient according to the enhanced cutting pattern;
wherein each photodisruption point in the initial cutting pattern and the enhanced cutting pattern comprises a laser targeting point, and wherein the generally circular cut made around the periphery of the capsule provides an increased length scanning pattern length relative to a cut made according to the initial cutting pattern.