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Male urine collection device using wicking material
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1. A device that can be used to collect urine flowing from the penis of a person or an animal in such a manner that the urine can be readily transported from the device as the urine is being collected, the device comprising:
a chamber assembly in which wicking material is disposed about porous material that is configured to form a chamber in which urine can be collected for transport, with the chamber assembly having a port for receiving a tube so that urine collected within the chamber can be transported from the chamber by being drawn from the chamber when a partial vacuum is applied within the chamber via said received tube, and with the chamber assembly being dimensioned and configured to define an opening through which the head of a penis can be inserted, the chamber including at least one substantially unoccupied gap; and
a layer of impermeable material attached to the chamber assembly as to cover one side of the opening and thereby provide a receptacle for receiving the head of said inserted penis, from which receptacle urine flowing from said penis can be drawn through the wicking material and the porous material into the chamber when said partial vacuum is applied within the chamber via said tube, wherein the wicking material and the layer of impermeable material define the chamber therebetween.