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Bishop traction splint device (BTSD)
James Martin Bishop, Carleton, MI (US)
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1. A traction splint device comprising:
a rectangular frame comprising two vertical members and two horizontal members, the horizontal members being sized and configured to be placed under both legs of a patient, the vertical members each comprising a tube that telescopically receives a rod and a releasable locking device for locking the rod and tube in a desired position to accommodate a leg length of the patient;
a ratchet assembly located on a distal one of the horizontal members for applying traction to a leg of the patient;
an ankle brace configured to be secured to an ankle of the patient, the ankle brace being releaseably attached to the ratchet assembly to apply the traction;
a tripod assembly for elevating the device and both legs of the patient thereby placing the patient in a shock position to aid with any drop in blood pressure;
an abdominal strap attached to the frame and configured to be secured around an abdominal area of the patient; and
leg straps configured to secure the legs of the patient in place once a desired amount of traction has been applied.