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Decoupled spacer and plate and method of installing the same
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1. A surgical method comprising:
(a) attaching a plate to an insertion tool, the insertion tool comprising a first distal finger and a second distal finger, wherein the first distal finger is threaded;
(b) attaching an intervertebral spacer to the insertion tool, wherein the spacer has a U-shaped body with a first lateral portion and a second lateral portion, wherein the first lateral portion includes a tubular protrusion that defines an internally threaded passage, and the first distal finger is threadedly connected to the internally threaded passage of the tubular protrusion;
(c) delivering the plate and the intervertebral spacer to a surgical site in a patient via the insertion tool;
(d) inserting the intervertebral spacer within a disc space;
(e) attaching the plate to one or more vertebral bodies adjacent the disc space; and
(f) removing the insertion tool such that the intervertebral spacer and the plate are decoupled from each other at the surgical site.