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Device, system, and method for transcatheter treatment of valvular regurgitation
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1. A coaptation assistance element for treating mal-coaptation of a heart valve of a heart, the coaptation assistance element comprising:
a first coaptation surface and an opposed second surface;
a first lateral edge, a second lateral edge, an inferior edge, and a superior edge;
a hub spaced inward from each of the first lateral edge, the second lateral edge, the inferior edge, and the superior edge; and
an active anchor configured to couple to the hub and configured to be rotated relative to the hub to selectively deploy the active anchor at a first target location; and
a plurality of struts spaced around the hub and extending outward from the hub, the plurality of struts comprising at least a first strut configured to be implanted within the heart and a second strut configured to be implanted within the heart such that the first coaptation surface coapts with a first leaflet of the heart valve and the opposed second surface overlays a second leaflet of the heart valve.