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Implant delivery capsule
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1. A system for treating a defective native heart valve, comprising:
a catheter configured to extend through the vasculature and having a distal end for positioning in proximity to the native heart valve;
an expandable prosthetic heart valve coupled to the distal end of the catheter for placement within the native heart valve;
a flexible capsule defining a lumen configured to contain the prosthetic heart valve and including a tubular layer and a capsule helical wire attached to and encircling the tubular layer, wherein the capsule helical wire has a helical pitch space defined between adjacent windings of the capsule helical wire;
a torque shaft having a proximal end and a distal end; and
a proximal helical wire coupled to the distal end of the torque shaft, wherein the proximal helical wire has a diameter and pitch matching the helical pitch space and wherein rotation of the proximal end of the torque shaft rotates the proximal helical wire and axially advances the proximal helical wire into the pitch space of the capsule helical wire so as to stiffen the capsule for retrieval of the prosthetic heart valve into the lumen.