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Intraocular lens systems and related methods
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1. An intraocular lens system, comprising:
a diffractive lens configured to be implanted in an eye of a subject, the diffractive lens including,
a first material having a first outer surface;
a second material having a second outer surface remote from and generally facing away from the first outer surface, wherein at least the first material includes an electrically-modifiable index of refraction; and
an electrically-modifiable diffraction pattern defined between the first material and the second material;
a first electrode on the first outer surface of the first material;
a second electrode on the second outer surface of the second material; and
a controller including a processor, operably coupled to the first and second electrodes, the controller configured to selectively bias one or more of the first and second electrodes effective to modify at least the electrically-modifiable index of refraction, the electrically-modifiable diffraction pattern, and an effective focal length of the intraocular lens system from a first effective focal length to a second effective focal length over a selected duration of time that is greater than a duration required for an average human eye to accommodate between the first effective focal length and the second effective focal length.