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Method and apparatus for creating ocular surgical and relaxing incisions
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1. An optical beam scanning system for incising target tissue in a patient's eye, the optical beam scanning system comprising:
a laser source configured to deliver a laser beam comprising a plurality of laser pulses, the laser beam being configured to produce optical breakdown and initiate a plasma-mediated process within the target tissue at a focal spot of the laser beam;
an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging device configured to generate signals that can be used to create an image of eye tissue that includes the cornea of the patient's eye;
a delivery system for delivering the laser beam to the target tissue to form a cataract incision;
a scanner operable to scan the focal spot of the laser beam to different locations within the patient's eye; and
a controller operatively coupled to the laser source, the OCT imaging device and the scanner, the optical beam scanning, the controller programmed to:
scan the eye tissue with the OCT device to generate imaging data for the target tissue that includes imaging data for the cornea;
generate an incision pattern based at least in part on the imaging data, the incision pattern forming one or more relaxation incisions into the cornea, wherein each of the relaxation incision extends in an angular direction for a predetermined length less than a full circle, and wherein at least one of the one or more relaxation incisions is a partially penetrating incision that leaves an un-incised tissue thickness; and
scan the focal spot of the laser beam in the incision pattern, wherein the focal spot of the laser beam is guided based on the imaging data so that the focal spot of the laser beam is scanned from a posterior portion of the eye and proceeding anteriorly.