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Method of inserting a vein filter
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1. An implantation system for a vascular implant comprising:
a sheath having a longitudinal axis, a lumen formed therein and a distal opening, the sheath having a normally substantially straight configuration;
an implant positioned within the lumen of the sheath and configured for deployment through the distal opening in the sheath for implantation in a patient's body; and
a pusher comprising an extrusion and a metal wire fixedly attached therein, a distal portion of the metal wire extending distally beyond a distal portion of the extrusion, the pusher slidably positioned with respect to the sheath, the pusher having a curved distal portion, wherein positioning of the curved distal portion at a distal portion of the sheath moves the distal portion of the sheath from the substantially straight configuration to a curved position at an angle to a longitudinal axis of the sheath, and the pusher is movable within the sheath to both move the sheath to the curved position and to contact and advance the implant.