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Dental light curing device
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1. A dental light-curing device (10) provided for dental material to be cured, which comprises
a handpiece (20) and
a base station,
wherein the handpiece (20) has a light source,
a control device (22) for the light source and
at least one sensor, which is arranged adjacent to the light source, with respect to an optical axis
a light guiding device extends in front of the light source, which light guiding device has a passband for wavelengths which comprises at least blue visible light and
a selecting device for control programs of the control device (22), characterized
in that the control device (22) also comprises a “pre-curing” control program, which can be selected by means of the selecting device, and
in which the light-curing device can be activated with a secondary wavelength range, which is different from a light-curing main wavelength range, and the light radiation of which is outside the sensitivity range of the dental material to be cured, and
in that the control device (22) is configured to automatically switches on the light source in the main wavelength range in order to pre-cure excess glue (28) in dental restorations if at least one sensor detects light reflected from a tooth surface in the secondary wavelength range.