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Medical boom filter system and method
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1. A surgical boom comprising:
a surgical head having an electrical connection, a plurality of inlet ports, a compressed gas outlet, and a water outlet,
one of said inlet ports having a cover,
a hollow surgical arm mounted to a ceiling in a room and having a plurality of joints, a shaft passing through said ceiling, and a shaft collar attached to said ceiling,
an outlet port, the outlet port extending through said ceiling,
a filter media arranged between said outlet port and one of said inlet ports, said filter media comprising an ULPA media and an adsorbant layer,
a control panel,
a suction unit configured and arranged in a position below said ceiling to cause a fluid to be drawn from said inlet port through said filter media and out through said outlet port while minimizing noise in the proximity of said inlet port, wherein the suction unit is arranged within the hollow surgical arm,
a valve configured to control fluid flow through the filter media, wherein the valve is a solenoid valve,
an automatic activation controller operable to respond to at least one of sound, radio energy, a current sensor, and an electrosurgical device outlet,
wherein said fluid drawn from said inlet port comprises an exhaust path through said hollow arm.