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Image correction design system and method for oral and maxillofacial surgery
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1. An image correction design method for an oral and maxillofacial surgery comprising steps of:
inputting a first scanning image data for scanning to obtain an image data of relative coordinate positions of maxillofacial bones, teeth, and soft tissues;
inputting a second scanning image data for scanning an image data of a plaster dental impression of a patient;
executing correction and comparison of scanning images for correcting and comparing the first scanning image data and the second scanning image data and performing archiving to obtain first archives;
performing an image block calculation for performing an image layer management and block cutting display of the first archives to obtain second archives;
executing a surgery simulation image design for inputting a surgery data parameter for the second archives after the image layer management and cut block display, so as to design and establish surgery simulation image files; and
outputting the surgery simulation image files by using a display device.