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Retractable tissue cutting device
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16. A method for cutting tissue, comprising:
inserting a cutting device into a living body to a target tissue via a working channel of an endoscope, the cutting device including a distal member having a lumen extending through a portion thereof and a recess extending through an exterior surface along a portion of a length thereof;
receiving the target tissue in the recess of the distal member;
sliding a cutting element within the distal member from an open configuration, in which a distal end of the cutting element in its entirety is proximal of the recess, to a closed configuration, in which a distal portion of the cutting element extends across the recess such that the distal end of the cutting element is moved toward the distal end of the recess to be received within a receiving structure at the distal end of the recess to grip the target tissue therebetween; and
applying energy along a length of the cutting element to cut the target tissue received within the recess.