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Rotating electrical connector for RF energy enabled tissue debridement device
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1. An irrigated, bipolar electrosurgical device having a rotary electrical connection assembly, comprising:
an outer connector defining an engagement surface;
an inner connector rotatably disposed within the outer connector about a rotational axis, comprising:
a first surface in contact with the engagement surface of the outer connector; and
a second surface opposite the first surface; and
an extension member extending from the second surface in a direction away from the first surface, the member defining a natural position and a deflected position; and
an electrode defining an outer arcuate connecting surface positioned in contact with the extension member such that the extension member is in the deflected position;
wherein the connecting surface is positioned at a proximal end of the electrode and wherein the electrode includes a distal end opposite the proximal end, the distal end defining an electrode surface configured to deliver electrical energy;
and further wherein electrical energy provided to the outer connector is delivered to the electrode via the inner connector.