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1. A method for pushing out a sternum of a patient, comprising:
inserting a device into a chest incision of the patient, the device comprising a sensor configured to measure force at a face disposed proximate a first end of the device, a handle disposed at a second, opposite end of the device, and an electronic display disposed at the handle, the electronic display being configured to display measurement information based on readings taken by the sensor;
positioning the inserted device to engage a face of the device to the sternum;
obtaining a reading by the sensor when the face of the device is engaged to the sternum;
displaying, on the electronic display, measurement data based on the reading;
determining, based on the displayed measurement data, a number of bars to install in the patient's chest; and
inserting, via the incision and/or one or more other incisions, the determined number of bars into the patient's chest in such a manner as to push out the patient's sternum and maintain the patient's sternum in a pushed out condition.