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Spinal stabilization installation instrumentation and methods
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1. A vertebral stabilization installation tool comprising:
a handle;
an elongate shaft having a proximal end connected to the handle, the elongate shaft extending away from the handle along a longitudinal axis of the installation tool, the elongate shaft comprising:
a conduit that directs a stabilization member through the elongate shaft from the proximal end toward a distal end, wherein the stabilization member is a flexible elongate member adapted to extend between anchors affixing the stabilization member to adjacent vertebrae;
a ramp located at the distal end that receives the stabilizing member from the conduit and discharges the stabilizing member in a direction away from the longitudinal axis of the installation tool;
an anchoring mechanism connected to the distal end of the elongate shaft, the anchoring mechanism configured to discharge an anchor to secure the stabilizing member;
a driver actuatable to discharge the anchor from the installation tool and drive the anchor into a vertebra; and
a second conduit extending from the proximate end of the elongate shaft to the distal end, the second conduit configured to guide the driver and direct discharge of the anchor.