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Intervertebral spinal implant and method
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1. A method for treating a spine disorder, the method comprising: providing a spinal implant comprising a body comprising a shape memory material, the body extending between a proximal end and a distal end, the body including an expandable intermediate portion disposed between the proximal end and the distal end, the proximal end defining a notch configured for disposal of a first vertebra, and the proximal end comprising a first mating part, the distal end including a protrusion configured for disposal in a second vertebra, and the distal end comprising a second mating part, wherein the proximal and distal ends are movable relative to one another between an unexpanded position and an expanded position and the first mating part is configured to engage the second mating part in the unexpanded position, and the spinal implant is configured to move in the expanded position when the proximal end and the distal end are rotated relative to one another to disengage the first mating part with the second mating part; forming a cavity in the second vertebra; disposing the protrusion in the cavity; and rotating the body relative to the second vertebra to position the first vertebra in the notch.