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Bone plate and plating system for use of same
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1. A bone plating system adapted for contacting at least a portion of a bone, the plating system comprising:
a plate including a body having a span sufficient to overlap a portion of the bone, the body having a lower surface for placement against the bone and an upper surface opposite the lower surface;
a screw hole extending through the body from the upper surface through the lower surface, the screw hole being adapted to receive a bone screw to attach for engaging the plate to the bone;
wherein the screw hole includes a counterbore having a beveled surface that intersects at a pinch point a bore having a conical surface of revolution that transitions into the lower surface;
wherein the beveled surface has a variable geometry defining alternating linear contact bone screw regions and arcuate non-contact bone screw regions that are interleaved and rotationally-spaced;
wherein the beveled surface comprises an uninterrupted, circumferentially continuous surface;
a screw configured to be inserted into the bone, the screw having a head region configured to be secured within the screw hole and an elongated body extending therefrom to a distal end of the screw, the elongated body including a threaded portion for engaging the bone;
wherein the screw includes a proximal root portion of the head region, the proximal root portion having a sloping radial surface ending in a continuous rib which radially projects from the screw; and
wherein the pinch point flexibly captures the screw to limit axial travel by a detented engagement between the pinch point and a junction of the sloping radial surface and the continuous rib.