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Fixation device
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1. A fixation device, comprising:
a first body having a threaded end, a longitudinal axis and a bore transverse to the longitudinal axis;
a second body received in the bore, the second body having an exterior thread and an interior passage for receiving a pin or wire;
a wire locking device for retaining the pin or wire, wherein the wire locking device comprises:
a locking bolt having a threaded member and a disk shaped bottom portion, the locking bolt threadably received by the second body; and
an outer portion defining a channel and having a bottom surface, the disk shaped bottom portion of the locking bolt received in the channel,
wherein the locking bolt and the outer portion are configured for translation relative to the interior passage for forcing the pin or wire between the bottom surface and a wall of the interior passage when the locking bolt and the outer portion are advanced;
an advance nut engaging the exterior thread, the advance nut abutting the first body for moving the wire locking device away from the first body when the advance nut is turned, for tensioning the pin or wire.