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Devices for controlled soft tissue hydrodissection
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1. A medical device comprising:
a brake having a housing member and an actuation member, the housing member being configured to be removably coupled to a syringe having a plunger, the plunger including a projecting member, at least a portion of the projecting member being disposed within the syringe when delivering fluid to a patient,
the housing member including a first arm and a second arm, the first arm and the second arm configured to receive and couple the brake to the syringe, the first arm including a curved surface, the second arm including a curved surface, the actuation member being movably coupled to the housing member, the actuation member including a contact portion, the contact portion defining a recess configured to receive a portion of projecting member of the plunger, the contact portion including a brake pad, the brake pad configured to contact the plunger and prevent movement of the plunger with respect to the housing member, and
the actuation member configured to move from a first position to a second position, the brake pad configured to resist movement of the portion of the plunger through the recess when the actuation member is in the first position.