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Natural orifice surgery system
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1. A surgical access port system adapted for performing surgical procedures at a natural orifice comprising:
an outer ring, wherein the outer ring is configured to be disposed proximate the natural orifice of the patient;
a tubular body having a proximal end, a distal end, a longitudinal axis and a fixed length and diameter adapted to accommodate the anatomy of the natural orifice, wherein the tubular body defines a passage sufficiently large such that at least two surgical instruments positioned there through can be translated or pivoted relative to one another;
an inner ring disposed around the distal end of the tubular body, the inner ring having a fixed diameter greater than the diameter of the tubular body and configured to retain the tubular body within the natural orifice;
a funnel segment extending between and coupling the outer ring and the tubular body, wherein the funnel segment provides a diametric reduction between the outer ring and the tubular body; and
a removable cap, wherein the cap is engagable with the outer ring.