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Tissue resectors with cutting wires, hand operated tissue resecting systems and associated methods
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1. A tissue resector, comprising:
a cannula including:
a wall;
a lumen defined through the wall and extending along a length of the cannula;
a distal end; and
an opening at or adjacent to the distal end and establishing communication between an exterior of the wall and the lumen;
a cutting wire within the lumen; and
a cutting feature having an inner surface secured to a distal end of the cutting wire, wherein the cutting feature cooperates with the opening through the cannula;
wherein the cutting wire is configured to rotate eccentrically within the lumen of the cannula;
wherein the cutting feature is a cylindrical element having an open proximal end into which the distal end of the cutting wire extends, wherein the cylindrical element has a longitudinally-oriented slot extending from an outer circumferential surface of the cylindrical element into an open interior of the cylindrical element.