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Universal acetabular guide and associated hardware
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1. A method of placing a guide pin near an acetabulum with an acetabular guide system, the method comprising:
positioning an exterior curved surface of an acetabular guide in an acetabulum, where the exterior curved surface has a geometry that substantially matches the acetabulum of a specific patient based on a geometry of the acetabulum of the specific patient;
interconnecting a pin guide to a central post extending from an interior surface of the acetabular guide, wherein the pin guide includes a guide boss engageable with and rotatable relative to the central post and a guide body extending from the guide boss and operable to move relative to the guide boss;
rotating the pin guide about the central post to position the guide body of the pin guide relative to the central post;
selecting a position of the guide body relative to the central post and rotating the guide body to the selected position; and
resting a portion of the pin guide on a selected rim portion of the acetabular guide corresponding to the selected position.