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Percutaneous tissue anchor techniques
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1. Apparatus for use with a tissue of a subject, the apparatus comprising:
a tissue anchor, comprising (i) an engaging head that defines an eyelet, and (ii) a helical tissue-coupling element, the tissue anchor being transluminally deliverable to the tissue, and reversibly anchorable to the tissue by the tissue-coupling element being screwed into the tissue by rotation of the engaging head; and
an anchor-manipulation tool having a distal portion deliverable to the tissue via a body lumen of the subject, the anchor-manipulation tool comprising:
at the distal portion of the tool, an anchor-engaging element and an anchor-engaging-element actuator,
at a proximal portion of the tool, a controller configured to control the anchor-engaging-element actuator, and
a flexible longitudinal member extending between the proximal portion and the distal portion, such that when the distal portion is delivered to the tissue via the body lumen, the longitudinal member is disposed within the body lumen,
the apparatus having at least two states, comprising:
an uncoupled state in which the anchor-engaging element is not in contact with the tissue anchor, and
an articulatably-coupled state in which:
the eyelet at least in part inhibits movement of the anchor-engaging element away from the tissue anchor, and
the distal portion of the anchor-manipulation tool is deflectable with respect to the tissue anchor,
wherein, while the distal portion of the tool is at the tissue, and the longitudinal member is disposed within the body lumen:
the anchor-engaging-element actuator being configured to facilitate transition of the apparatus from the uncoupled state to the articulatably-coupled state, and
the anchor-manipulation tool, in at least one of the at least two states, being configured to unscrew the tissue anchor from the tissue by rotating the tissue anchor by applying a de-anchoring rotational force to the eyelet.