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Imaging systems and methods for positioning a 3D ultrasound volume in a desired orientation
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1. A method for displaying a 3D ultrasound image in a desired view orientation, the method comprising:
acquiring, with a transducer probe, 3D ultrasound image data comprising an anatomical feature in a patient;
determining an actual orientation of the anatomical feature in relation to the transducer probe wherein the anatomical feature is of a baby or a fetus;
displaying, at the same time, a plurality of real-time renderings of the 3D ultrasound image data, each real-time rendering is selectable by a user for a fuller view, the plurality of real-time renderings comprising the anatomical feature such that in each of the plurality of real-time renderings, the anatomical feature is automatically positioned in a respective selected orientation that is different than the actual orientation, wherein the selected orientation is based, at least in part, on an identified anatomical landmark of the anatomical feature and a stored setting selectable by a user which defines a spatial relation of the anatomical feature to a lighting model such that lighting and shadowing regions on the anatomical feature are displayed according to the selected orientation on an ultrasound system; and
using the stored setting and the identified anatomical landmark of the anatomical feature for subsequent ultrasound scans of different patients to display 3D ultrasound image data of the anatomical feature in the selected orientation with respect to the lighting model.