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Diffraction source compensation in medical diagnostic ultrasound viscoelastic imaging
Yassin Labyed, Maple Valley, WA (US); and Liexiang Fan, Sammamish, WA (US)
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1. A method for viscoelastic imaging with a medical diagnostic ultrasound scanner, the method comprising:
transmitting from a transducer an acoustic radiation force impulse by the ultrasound scanner as a transmit beam with a beam profile along a scan line;
measuring, by a receive beamformer of the ultrasound scanner, displacements as a function of time within the beam profile along the scan line, at least some of the displacements responsive to the acoustic radiation force impulse;
generating, by an image processor, a first profile from the displacements for a first location;
calculating, by the image processor, a scale weighting of the first profile relative to a reference profile;
estimating, by the image processor, a viscoelastic characteristic based on the scale weighting; and
generating on a display an image of the viscoelastic characteristic.