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System and method for analysis of the upper airway and a respiratory pressure support system
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1. A system for airway obstruction detection, the system comprising:
a passageway for communication with a user's airway;
a first acoustic sensor positioned at a first location on the passageway, wherein the first acoustic sensor outputs a first signal;
a second acoustic sensor positioned at a second location on the passageway, wherein the second acoustic sensor outputs a second signal; and
a processor configured to
determine a parameter of the passageway based on (i) the first location and the second location of the sensors and (ii) a relationship between the first signal and the second signal, wherein the relationship between the first signal and the second signal causes cancellation of sound source properties, and wherein the parameter varies in dependence on the presence of an obstruction of the airway, and
detect the presence of the obstruction of the airway based on the parameter.