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Automatic creation of multiple electroanatomic maps
Ofra Iyun, Haifa (IL); Noga Salomon, Haifa (IL); Galia Givaty, Haifa (IL); Eliran Guzi, Haifa (IL); Vladimir Rubinstein, Haifa (IL); Meir Bar-Tal, Haifa (IL); and Morris Ziv-Ari, Atlit (IL)
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1. A method, comprising the steps of:
recording electrograms of a heart of a living subject in a plurality of channels, the electrograms comprising a plurality of beats having morphologic characteristics;
automatically placing the beats into respective classifications according to a resemblance of the morphologic characteristics of the beats to members of a set of templates by calculating respective overall correlations between instances of a selected beat in all the channels and the members of the set of templates and associating the selected beat with a member of the set of templates having a highest ranked one of the overall correlations when the highest ranked one of the overall correlations exceeds a predefined correlation threshold; and
concurrently generating multiple electroanatomic maps of the heart from the beats in the respective classifications.