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Subcutaneous sensor inserter and method
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1. An inserter assembly for implanting a sensor subcutaneously into a patient, the assembly comprising:
a housing body having a first body end and a second body end;
a deployment button at least partially disposed in and slidable within the housing body through the first body end, the deployment button being movable from a first position to a second locked position;
a deployment mechanism slidably disposed within and with respect to the deployment button, the deployment mechanism being movable, within and with respect to the deployment button, between: a ready position, an insertion position, and a retracted position, and the deployment mechanism having a needle;
a sensor deployment assembly disposed within the housing body and removably mated with the deployment mechanism, the sensor deployment assembly having a needle bore in which the needle is disposed when the deployment mechanism is in the ready position, and a sensor partially disposed within the needle bore, wherein the deployment mechanism, the needle, and the sensor define a deployment axis, the sensor having an electrical contact portion wherein the electrical contact portion is bent perpendicularly relative to electrodes and the deployment axis; and
a sensor housing disposed at and removably retained by the second body end of the housing body, the sensor housing having a bottom surface and defining a sensor opening therethrough that is aligned with the deployment axis,
wherein movement of the deployment button from the first position to the second locked position causes the sensor to be implanted subcutaneously into the patient along the deployment axis, the needle of the deployment mechanism to retract to the retracted position, the sensor deployment assembly to be fixed within the sensor housing, and the housing body, the deployment button and the deployment mechanism to release from the sensor housing.