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Catheter with annular lumen to provide distal flushing
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1. A mapping catheter comprising:
an elongate catheter body extending from a proximal end to a distal end, the catheter body including at least one lumen;
a handle connected to the proximal end of the catheter body;
an electrode array connected to the distal end of the catheter body, the array configurable between an undeployed configuration and a deployed configuration;
a deployment shaft extending through the catheter body lumen from the handle to the array, the deployment shaft including a lumen, wherein linear movement of the deployment shaft changes the configuration of the array;
an electrical device disposed at a distal end of the array;
at least one conductor extending through the deployment shaft lumen from the handle to the electrical device; and
an irrigation system including:
a manifold disposed within the handle, the manifold connectable to a source of irrigation fluid, the manifold including a manifold body, the manifold body including:
a fluid port connectable to the source of irrigation fluid;
a fluid chamber fluidly connected to the fluid port; and
a deployment shaft port;
a nozzle connected to the manifold body, wherein an interior of the nozzle is in fluid communication with the fluid chamber; and
an o-ring seal disposed within the manifold body between the deployment shaft port and the fluid chamber, wherein the deployment shaft extends through the deployment port, the o-ring seal, the fluid chamber, and the interior of the nozzle; and
a polymeric irrigation tube connected to the manifold and extending around the deployment shaft from the manifold to the distal end of the catheter body through the catheter body lumen, wherein the irrigation tube forms an annular lumen between an inner surface of the irrigation tube and an outer surface of the deployment shaft, the annular lumen configured to carry irrigation fluid from the manifold to the array.