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Systems and methods for preventing contamination of recorded biological signals during surgery
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1. An amplifier system, comprising:
an evoked potential detection device including at least one data processor and at least one memory storing instructions for stimulating a peripheral nerve and recording one or more detected signals, the evoked potential detection device further comprising:
a first signal pathway and a second signal pathway coupled with the evoked potential detection device, each signal pathway having an input for the detected signal, wherein the detected signal comprises a target signal and high frequency interference,
wherein the first signal pathway is configured to amplify the target signal and comprises, in order:
a low pass filter,
an amplifier,
an analog to digital converter, and
a microprocessor;
wherein the second signal pathway is configured to detect the high frequency interference and comprises:
a band pass filter or high pass filter electrically coupled to a radiofrequency detector,
a comparator,
a digital to analog converter, and
the microprocessor of the first signal pathway;
wherein the comparator is configured to compare a first amplitude of a first signal entering from a first leg and a second amplitude of a second signal entering from a second leg, the first leg of the comparator being electrically coupled to an output from the radiofrequency detector, and the second leg being electrically coupled via the digital to analog converter to an output from the microprocessor;
wherein the microprocessor is electrically coupled to an output from the comparator and is configured to detect the presence of high frequency interference within the detected signal when the first amplitude is greater than the second amplitude; and
wherein the evoked potential detection device is configured to temporarily suspend data acquisition upon detection of the high frequency interference.