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Cardiovascular assist system that quantifies heart function and facilitates heart recovery
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1. A heart pump system comprising:
a catheter;
a motor;
a rotor operatively coupled to the motor; and
a pump housing at least partially surrounding the rotor so that actuating the motor drives the rotor and pumps blood through the pump housing;
a sensor configured to detect a hemodynamic parameter over time; and
a controller configured to:
detect over time a motor parameter associated with the motor,
receive an input from the sensor of the detected hemodynamic parameter over time,
determine a relationship between the detected hemodynamic parameter and the detected motor parameter,
characterize the relationship between the hemodynamic parameter and the motor parameter using a polynomial best fit algorithm,
store the determined relationship in a memory,
determine a cardiac cycle phase from the relationship between the hemodynamic parameter and the motor parameter,
obtain a hysteresis curve based on the relationship between the hemodynamic parameter and the motor parameter, and
select a sample time on the hysteresis curve corresponding to the cardiac cycle phase.