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Blood pressure estimation method and blood pressure measurement device
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1. A blood pressure estimation method comprising:
measuring an acceleration pulse wave using a fiber Bragg grating sensor;
constructing a calibration model that represents a correlation between measured waveform data of the measured acceleration pulse wave and measured blood pressure values measured at individual measurement time points of the measured waveform data; and
with a processor, using the calibration model to estimate blood pressure values of a subject at a time of an acceleration pulse wave measurement, from the waveform data of the acceleration pulse wave measured from the subject,
wherein the calibration model is constructed by:
extracting a plurality of sets of one-cycle waveform data from the measured waveform data;
standardizing each set of extracted one-cycle waveform data either so that an amount of wavelength displacement is the same or so that the amount of wavelength displacement and a time span are the same; and
performing regression analysis with standardized one-cycle waveform data as an explanatory variable and the measured blood pressure value as an objective variable.