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Device for monitoring for effectiveness of heart failure therapy
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1. A system for measuring biometrics associated with congestive heart failure, the system comprising:
a weight scale including foot electrodes and a support extending from the weight scale, the support having handlebars with electrodes for measuring biometrics,
a user interface for displaying user history, target biometric values, and messages to a user;
means for simultaneously starting measurement of a plurality of biometrics, receiving biometric data over a predetermined period of time, and processing the biometric data, and
a remote server, including memory, configured to receive and store the biometric data from the means for simultaneously starting measurement and calculate heart rate, respiration rate, SpO2, and blood pressure based on the biometric data,
wherein the messages include an alert that the user has stepped off the scale too early in response to the means sensing the weight below a specific threshold and a prompt to step back on the scale,
wherein the means for simultaneously starting measurement comprises a processor configured to continuously scan load cells in the weight scale, detect contact of hands and feet of the user with predetermined areas of the scale system, and exit a sleep state when a predetermined weight threshold is detected on the weight scale.