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System and method for preventing directly irradiating acoustic wave detector for photoacoustic imaging
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1. An object information acquiring apparatus comprising:
a light source configured to generate light;
a controller configured to control a shape of an irradiation area of the light;
a controlling member configured to limit the irradiation area based on an instruction from said controller;
a detector configured to receive an acoustic wave generated from an object which is irradiated with the light;
a processor configured to generate characteristic information about a region inside the object using the acoustic wave received by said detector; and
an acquirer configured to acquire a shape of the object,
wherein said controller controls said shape of said irradiation area based on the shape of the object acquired by said acquirer so as to prevent said detector from being irradiated with the light without passing through the object, and
wherein said controlling member includes at least any one of a digital mirror device, a reflection type liquid crystal element, a transmission type liquid crystal element and a λ/2 plate.