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Lamp base allowing for electrical contact in various rotational positions
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1. A screw-in type base for a lighting device being arranged to be mounted in a socket comprising a socket bottom conductor, the base comprising:
a threaded tubular enclosure extending along an axial direction between a first end portion and a second end portion of the threaded tubular enclosure;
a base bottom conductor arranged to be in electrically conductive contact with a light source of the lighting device, and arranged to make electrically conductive, biased contact with the socket bottom conductor when the lighting device is mounted in the socket, and
an insulator electrically insulating the threaded tubular enclosure and the base bottom conductor from each other,
wherein the base bottom conductor comprises a compliant thin-walled member on at least a surface facing the socket bottom conductor arranged such that the base bottom conductor is, relative to the threaded tubular enclosure, movable in the axial direction and the compliant thin-walled member portion of the base bottom conductor is compliant in response to engagement with the socket bottom conductor when the lighting device is mounted in the socket and
wherein the compliant thin-walled member is overmolded by the insulator.